iffat suchonaNov 9, 2012

hi,how are you? btw could you please tell me what kiremt and bega mean?

Fassil Tassew TadesseNov 9, 2012Edit

Kiremt is symmetrical to Bega as Summer does to Winter.
Kiremt and Bega are the seasons of the tropics when Summer and Winter do the same of the temperates. Summer, Kiremt, Bega and winter are the seasons that recur in north temperate and tropic and south tropic and temperate respectively.The coverage of the first quarter season is about 94 days. For the tropics it covers from end of Sene 14 to Meskeram 13, when from end of June 21 to September 23 for the temperates.

iffat suchonaNov 10, 2012

nice description.thnx

Fassil Tassew TadesseNov 11, 2012Edit

iffat suchona let me share you basic points about my discovery as follows.When Summer, Autumn (fall),Winter and Spring recur in the north temperate, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn do in the south temperate.This shows that both western and eastern world do know nothing about the seasons of the tropics.

Fassil Tassew TadesseNov 11, 2012Edit

Discovering the seasons of the tropics
When Kermit, Metsew,Bega and Tsedey seasons do recur in the north tropic, Bega, Tsedey,Kermit and Metsew do in the south tropic.

Fassil Tassew TadesseNov 11, 2012Edit

Therefore; for example, the first quarter seasons of our new world are Summer, Kermit, Bega and Winter in the north temperate, tropic and south tropic and temperate respectively.

iffat suchonaNov 11, 2012

wow…you r so genious. now this geographical thing is starting to attract me!

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I thank you! Please teach others you are one who work with me and invite others to join us. A digital age world cannot be affected by sun set (old fashion) knowledge.

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Right. XD

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Great, iffat!
Nothing is impossible about discovering the tropics and rediscovering the temperates because the power is on the universal hands of the day Pagume 6.