Joseph which calendar months does Tanzania use? Ethiopian calendar months or Gregorian calendar months?
Gregorian calendar months?
Yes Joseph time and space are inseparable. Use of Gregorian calendar months in the tropics is unrealistic. Because the Gregorian calendar months reveal longer variations of day and night , seasons outside the tropics such as summer, winter etc.
All countries in the tropics must use the so called Ethiopian calendar months. Because Ethiopia cannot have its own calendar that it does not cover 24 hours.
Do you know the month July? Julious Kasre?
The month July cannot recur in the tropics,for example.
What I mean you variations of day and night in the tropics are very short and these seasons are different from the temperates that can be revealed by the so called Ethiopian months.
The source of solar calendar is earth and sun.Therefore, Ethiopian calendar months are the image of tropics and sun when the Gregorian calendar months are the image of temperates and sun.
Mhhhh,to be honest all are new 4my side
Great Joseph it is new discovery. Speak it in media. We all who live in the tropics are remain undiscovered.We must work to discover the tropics and rediscover the temperatess.
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