Ethiopian calendar months of the tropics are different from Gregorian calendar months
Ethiopian calendar months of the tropics are 12 as the Gregorian does.
12 calendar months of Ethiopia are 11 of 30 days (Mesekeram, Tikimit, Hidar, Tahisas,Tir, Yekatit, Megabit, Miyazia, Ginbot, Sene and Hamle) and 1 of 35 or 36 days(Nehase and Pagume).
Whereas 12 calendar months of Gregorian are 7 of 31 days (January, March, May, July, August, October and December), 4 of 30 days( April, November, June and September) and 1 of 28 or 29 days(February).
Problems: Both use of Ethiopian calendar months only in the current Ethiopia and Gregorian calendar in the tropics are unrealistic. Because Ethiopia cannot cover 24 hours and Gregorian calendar months cannot reveal the universal realities of the tropics.
Therefore, discovering the tropics and rediscovering the temperates are very simple. The knowledge of realities have no power hiding themselves. For example, Ethiopian calendar months are neither ancient nor new. Because it is an eternal calendar of the tropics compared an ancient of Julian and new of Gregorian calendar months.

Note, Gregorian calendar months reformed from the Julian in the year 1582. That is why Julian calendar was ancient and Gregorian calendar months are new. Thus, an eternal Ethiopian calendar months of the tropics is neither ancient nor new.

Finally it is use full to note that the shorter variations of day and night is the faster rotations of the tropics, when the longer variations of day and night is the slower rotations of the temperates. Therefore, Pagume is 5 or 6 faster rotations of the tropics when 6 to 10 or 11 of September is slower rotations of the temperates